We are dedicated to seeing your personal or corporate purpose fulfilled.


Life is much more than ‘ticking boxes’. It’s about finding the centre of who you are and living from that place everyday. Discovering the unique thing that you bring to the world and then giving it away is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your life. This belief is at the core of everything we do at The Purpose Co.
Our vision is to make that your reality.
— Kara J Jones, Founder

Our Mission

is to help people and organisations achieve their vision through the practical, daily application of purpose. Seeing people, brand, and community find a point of intersection, and connection, leading with values and purpose.

I used to always think of destiny as happening in the future. Finding my purpose has connected my future dreams and aspirations to today. Understanding purpose has also allowed me to add value to my clients by creating visual imagery that helps communicate their purpose and message more clearly.
— Josh, Creative Director / Story Consultant at Joos Productions Pty Ltd


With this approach, a Purpose Consultant will guide you through a specifically tailored program designed around your needs. This process is applicable to personal, business, and non-profit organisations, in providing direction and strategy for the practical outworking of purpose.  

The program is centred around a five-step process of developing:

Purpose Vision Mission Goals Action Strategies



Personal - Individuals find purpose for their life and gain practical tools for the out-working of that purpose on a daily basis. 

Business - Purpose-driven companies that communicate a firm set of beliefs and vision for employees and clients to connect with. 

Non-Profit - Organisations whose purpose is the foundation and the goal. Communicating with the community to build and effect change in their industry. 



Personal, business, and non-profit sessions follow different pricing structures which will be discussed in the free initial consult.

Finding my purpose opened doors of opportunity for me that I wasn’t expecting. I just worked for the dollar because it’s what I’d always done. Living in my purpose meant that doing something I love whilst getting paid for it was indeed possible. Within three weeks of finding my purpose, I landed my dream role, having no previous industry experience, I was chosen solely for my strengths and relational personality. This job ticked ALL the boxes on my list and has SO many more benefits than I ever imagined!
— Simone, Territory Account Manager

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The Purpose Co. is based out of Gosford, NSW, Australia.